New ARB Sahara Tube Kit with 20″ LED Light Bar

ARB Summit Sahara Bull Bar Tube With Light Bar

Whilst on a Summit Bar a light bar can be mounted on the centre cross tube, Summit Sahara Bars presented a challenge to enable both light bar and antennas to be mounted together; given the overall diameter of the Sahara tube and the potential added weight of both light bar and antennas not being evenly distributed. From this came the development of a Sahara Tube kit with an integrated 20” LED light bar.

ARB Stealthbar for Toyota Hilux 06/2020+

Toyota Hilux ARB Stealthbar

Product Specification Toyota has released the long-awaited facelift models of their latest generation HiLux, reinvigorating the range with an updated bumper and grille design. The Hilux ARB StealthBar has been tested and fitment is confirmed for the 2020+ facelift models Workmate, SR and SR5 (see matrix for full model specific fitment information). Maintaining all of

9 Tips for building your dream overlanding vehicle

9 Tips for building your dream Overlanding vehicle

Equipping a standard vehicle for overland travel is as much a case of personal preference as function. An Overlanding pickup or SUV is not just a vehicle, its an all-weather, offroader, off-grid tiny house on wheels ready for adventure.

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