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Brought to you by 4×4 guide, 4×4 instructor and overlanding specialist Bernie Williams. Content in this recovery series is accompanied by a short video which you can view at the end of each blog.

Recovery Series: Snatch Straps

In our epic Recovery Series finale, we look at snatch recoveries. Bernie Williams talks us

Recovery Series: Winching

It seems that a ‘must-have’ piece of equipment, which is often mounted on peoples’ 4x4s,

Recovery Series: Jacks

When it comes to vehicle recoveries, the standard jack is very limited. If your vehicle

Recovery Series: Shackles

In today’s day and age, with access to all the information we have ever wanted

Recovery Series: Kinetic and Tow Straps

It’s time to talk straps, a key element when it comes to vehicle-to-vehicle recoveries. It

Recovery Series: Recovery Tracks

Recovery tracks have a long history. In fact they probably go back as far as

Recovery Series: Tyres – the first line of defence

The four circles of rubber connecting our vehicles to the road are one of the

Recovery Series: Essential Recovery Equipment

This month, we provide a list of the essentials you will need to keep you

Recovery Series: Safety First

Hopefully, you have also completed a 4x4 training course, at least to Level 1, with