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Recovery Series: Shackles

Bow Shackle

In today’s day and age, with access to all the information we have ever wanted at the click of a button, it is scary to see how uninformed people really are. As a result of this, we often hear about how things go horribly wrong when it comes to recoveries. Which brings us to shackles. These are a key element in the recovery bag, and there are a few types available.

Recovery Series: Safety First

Recovery Series - Part 1 - Safety First

Hopefully, you have also completed a 4×4 training course, at least to Level 1, with a reputable training institution. That will ensure you understand the basic principles of off-roading. Let’s face it, the biggest fear most newbie off-roaders have is getting stuck. As many of the older hands will admit, if you have never been stuck you either haven’t been properly off-road or you are simply not trying hard enough!

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