Product Review: ARB’s new CKMTP12 twin Portable Air Compressor

  ARB’s new CKMTP12 twin portable air compressor was designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high performance compressed air source for rapid inflation of large tyres as well as the high volume air needs of most air powered tools. The ARB CKMTP12 is a world class recreational product designed and built to […]

Product Review: Oztent RV & Malamoo Tents

Oztent RV Range Getting off the beaten track and visiting places less travelled is a key attraction when overlanding. And while ‘roughing it’ certainly has some appeal, there are times when a little comfort can make all the difference. Whether you’re planning on getting lost for a couple of days, or heading into more remote […]

Product Review: Front Runner Cargo Sliders

  Installing a drawer system in your SUV, 4×4 or trailer is a great way to make the most of the space you have available. Staying organised and having access to your gear when you need it.  Sliding systems are ideal for fridge-freezers. Allowing you to easily access your camping fridge-freezer.  When cargo sliders are […]

Product Review: The Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy

The Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy Aluminium vs Fibreglass: Alu-Cab Explorer canopies are manufactured from aluminium which has superior strength to weight ratio, thus it is lighter than most of the popular fibre-glass competing products. This inherent strength allows the Alu-Cab Explorer canopy to carry more load than any other canopies. Due to the large range of […]

Product Review: The Alu-Cab Expedition Tent – GEN3

The Alu-Cab Expedition Tent It’s no surprise that the new Alu-Cab Expedition Tent (Gen3) has become one of the most sought-after overlanding tents on the market. It’s more aerodynamic and lighter than its predecessor, plus it’s about 100 mm wider (at the shoulders) – more spacious too. The unit’s base and roof are insulated with polyethylene […]

LEISURE WHEELS CUSTOMS: Get you some of this!

Welcome to Leisure Wheels Customs – where you can save up to R15 000 on an accessory package deal! We kick off the Customs service with some Toyota Hilux. How does it work? Firstly, we haven’t employed a bunch of bearded, tattooed mechanics that play pranks on each other while they turn old wrecks into […]