1. NAME
    • The name of the organisation shall be known as 4×4 Megaworld Offroad Club (Gauteng) ‘Hereafter  referred as ‘the club.
    • To organize and run responsible four wheel drive events. It also exists to help people who have purchases a four wheel drive (4WD) or sporty utility vehicle (SUV) and wish to learn how to operate it properly and responsibly.
    • The club is family-orientated organisation who tries to hold events that family members of all ages can participate in.
    • We promote safe four wheeling for both the participants and environment and believe that when using a trail, you should leave nothing behind and take only memories with you. Club members believe strongly in the sport and are determined to keep promoting safe and responsible aspects.
    • To implement emergency assistance groups whenever needed and necessary.
    • To rent and/or purchase property for use of members.
    • To manage the club on an imperial, non-racial, non-political and non-profitable basis.
    • Providing social, educational and recreational activities for its membership.
    • Participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the community.
    • Promote and enjoy our recreational pastime of four-wheeling as a sport.
    • To have fun.
    • To arrange tours, lectures, discussions, social and other meeting. To afford members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
    • The club will not be allowed to distribute any of its assets in specie or natura and or profits it members.
    • The income and property of the club when procured, will only be used to attain the objective of the club. No part thereof will be paid or distributed, directly or indirectly, by means of bonus or by any other means to members of the of the club with the proviso that payment in good faith of a reasonable amount to any officer of member of the club for services that in fact were rendered to the club may be done.
    • No member of the club may use the club for his/her own personal benefit.
    • The name and address of the club shall not be given by a member as his address for trade, advertising or business purposes or in connection with any legal proceedings.



There will be no limitations on the maximum number of members to the club.

    • Any members who is at present a member of the club. Any other person who applies for membership and is given approval by the management committee, and
    • Any honorary or temporary member who is appointed by the management committee from time to time for reasons set out hereafter.
    • All members of the club, temporary, honorary or otherwise, shall comply requirements for membership as set out in section 3, part 2.
    • Full membership shall be a member who owns a four-wheel drive vehicle.
    • Social members shall be members who own a vehicle other than a four wheel drive vehicle.
    • Affiliated members shall be members of other four wheels drive club with which the club has a mutual agreement.

The qualifications for membership are as following:

  • All applications shall be eighteen (18) years older and shall be in possession of a valid driver’s licence.
  • All applicants must satisfy the requirements set by the management committee. These requirements will be set by the management committee accordingly to their options and discretions. The decision of the management committee in this regard is final.
  • Payment, in full, of entry and annual membership fees shall accompany any application form. If the applicant is successful the club shall keep the afore-mentioned fees. If the applicant is unsuccessful the afore-mentioned fees are returned to the applicant, in full. The payment of fees is set out in section 6.2.
  • Members as mentioned in section 2.1.2 shall by the sole discretion of the management committee, be allowed to the privileges of full membership of the club during a club activity or meeting, or while performing a function at the club premises.

5.1       application for membership shall be completed on the prescribed form. The management committee may alter the form from time to time.

5.2        The application form shall be signed by the proposer who shall be a member on good standing.

5.3       An application is appointed for a probationary period of twelve (12) months by the management committee. Thereafter shall be permanent unless the management committee decides otherwise on sound reasons. 

    • There shall be an entry fee for each new member as determined by the management committee from time to time. This amount will be payable upon application.
    • There shall be an annual membership fee as determined by the management committee from time to time that is payable in advance by all members. This section is however subject to the provisions of section 7.2 and 8 which must be read together with it where it is relevant. Payment shall be made within two months of the due date. The due date is the day of the month in which the membership of the member concerned expires.
  • the membership of any membership fee according to section 6.2, will automatically be suspended from the club pending a decision by the management committee who has the power to:
    • reinstate the members membership if sufficient reason is given on payment of the annual membership fee, or to
    • Uphold the suspension for membership.
  • A member of the club who has not paid his annual membership fee within the stipulated period as mentioned in section 6.2 will not be entitled to the privilege given to members in good standing while the annual membership fee is outstanding.
  • Any member who pays the annual membership fee in advance is not entitled to a repayment of any part thereof, should he resign, should the member resign before payment of the annual membership fee, he will be accountable for the amount due unless his registration was received timeously as mentioned in section 7.2 and
    • If the behaviour of any member accordingly to the opinion of the management committee is indecent, unsporting or is detrimental to the interest of the club, or improper behaviour
  • Or contravenes the rules and regulations of the club.
  • Or gets involved in political arguments at club meetings or on the club premises.
  • Or is sentenced to a prison sentence without the option of a fine.
  • Or is found guilty that he has harmed the good name and reputation of the club by indecent behaviour or gossip;
  • Or uses so much alcohol that his behaviour is too noisy and/or is rebellious and/or antagonistic towards other members.
  • Or fails to obey officials or marshals while they are doing their duty or taking care of their duty or taking care of their interests of members at meetings arranged by the club.

Such member shall be requested to appear before the management committee and shall in the discretion of the committee be reprimanded, or suspended for a period or be requested in writing by the chairman to resign. Should the member fail to comply with a request to resign in seven (7) days of management committee will expel such a member. The decision of the management committee is final and binding.

A member who has been expelled from the club may only apply for membership again after a period of five (5) years.

An expelled member is not entitled to the repayment of the remaining part of his membership fee and is liable for any monies owed to the club.


Any member wishing to end his membership of the club shall do so in writing to the secretary after which his name will be removed from the member list.

    • All the family members (spouse and children) of a member are entitled to use the facilities and convenience of the club.
    • Once an applicant’s membership has been approved, he will receive proof of membership, a copy of the club rules. Members may request a copy of the constitution of election.
    • All members in good standing are entitled to attend the annual general meeting and to participate in any agenda items requiring any form of decision making.
    • All members in good standing shall be allowed to vote at the annual general meeting. For this purpose each member shall have only one vote.
    • All members may, at their discretion, invite one or more guests to the club activities, on condition that:
      • such a member shall be held responsible for the behaviour of his guest(s) and
      • such members shall pay the entrance fee for such activities, or meeting
      • No privileges or rights of any member are in any way transfereable. All such privileges and rights end when the member’s membership expires either through death, resignation or other relevant event.
      • Every member is obligated to inform the secretary in writing of any changes of address to which notices can be sent. If no such information is received it shall be assumed that such notices are to be sent to the address as given on the application form.

See Annexure ‘B’


The annual general meeting of the club shall be held in the first quarter of each year, upon a date and at a time to be fixed by the committee.

  • The annual general meeting shall:
    • Receive from the committee a full statement of amounts, duly audited showing the receipts and expenditure for the previous year.
    • Receive from the committee a report of the activities of the club during the said year.
    • Elect the committee
    • Settle any remunerations for the officers of the club and auditor.
    • Decide on any resolution, which may be duly submitted to the meeting as herein provided.
    • Notice period (30 days) for an annual general meeting.
  • Special General Meetings

A special general meeting may be convened by direction of the committee, or on a request to the secretary stating the business for which the special general meeting so requested is not convened within 21 days, they said 12 members may convene such a meeting at which 15 members shall form a quorum.

  • Agenda

When members wish a matter to be discussed at a general meeting, the text such matters signed by at least two members shall be sent to the secretary at least 14days before the date such meetings, so that it may be included in the agenda.

A copy of the agenda shall be sent to each member at least five days prior to the meeting, but the fact that any member has not received a copy of the agenda shall not invalidate the proceedings. No business, which is not included in the agenda, shall be discussed at the meeting unless every member present is in favour thereof. Should the prosper of any motion fail to move a resolution in respect of the relevant item on the agenda, then any other member shall be entitled to do so.

  • Voting

Every dually elected member, over the age of 18, may exercise one vote. The chairmen shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. At all general meetings, except as provided in rule 9, a majority of votes decides a resolution. At any general meeting any 12 members may demand a poll, and thereupon the meeting shall be adjourned until a time and place to be named by the chairman, and a postal vote shall be reported to the adjourned meeting, and shall be deemed to be the decision of the meeting. The rules relating to collective voting and proxies shall apply as in section 14.5

  • Right to be present

No one can take part in general meetings unless he has been duly elected as a member of the club, and has paid his subscription accordingly to these rules.

  • Observance and interpretation of the rules

Every member binds himself to abide by the rules of the club and also by any modifications made in conformity with such rules and also accept as final and binding the decision of the committee in all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of these rules.

  • Alternation of the rules

Any alternation may be made to these rules by a general meeting provided that:

  • Details of the proposed alternation are included in the notice of the general meeting.
  • That the resolution proposing such alternation is carried out by two thirds of those present, and voting as such general meeting or by two-thirds of those voting should a poll be demanded as provided for in section 14.5.
  • Election of chairman and Management committee

The election of the chairman and committee members will be done by the showing of the hands.

  • Minutes

The secretary shall hold minutes of the following:

  • The appointment of management committee members and officers as decided by the management committee or annual general meeting.
  • The details of management committee members and other persons present at a meeting of the management committees and any sub-committees, and
  • All resolutions and activities at any meetings of the club.


  • Attendance register

Every member of the management committee and other persons present at any meeting of the club as well as any member attending any other meeting of the club shall register his details in an attendance register. These details will be part of the minutes of the particular meeting.


13.1        Composition: New structure (management and sub-committee)

The management committee shall consist of a minimum of 5 (five) and a maximum of 10 (ten) members which will be constituted as follows:

13.1.1   Three members will be appointed by 4×4 Megaworld and the remaining two members shall be elected at the AGM.

13.1.2.  The management committee shall consist of a: Chairman, Secretary, Financial controller and 2 members of the club elected at the AGM. The chairman, Secretary and financial controller shall be elected by 4×4 Megaworld.

13.1.3   To be elegable to serve on the committee, the member must be a member of the club at least 2years.

13.1.4   The Chairman will have co-opting powers in the event of a committee member resigning.

13.1.5   Eighty percent (80%) of the elected members shall be full members and remaining 20% may be social members as set out in section 3.2 of part 2.

13.1.6   The management committee may further consist of 2 (two) nominated ex-officio members to assist it in these activities. These reasons do not have to be members of the club and are exclusively appointed for their specialized professional or knowledge, e.g. Auditor, attorney, devisor, etc.

13.2        Honorary members

Honorary members may be appointed by the management committee for reasons of the recommended persons qualifications and such services that they can provide of the club e.g. A president and patron.

13.3        Casual Vacancies

The management committee shall, where the number of members of the committee   decreases due to death, resignation or any other reason, appoint other members in the vacancies. These appointments are made at the next annual general meeting. Should a vacancy for a chairman arise, the secretary will fill the post until another chairman is elected by “4×4 Megaworld”


The management committee shall have absolute control over all affairs and property of the club, shall lay down, amend or abolish rules to regulate the club and shall exercise such authority to manage the club as they deem necessary with regard to this constitution.

14.1        Executive committee

The chairman, treasurer and one appointed member shall act as the executive committee. Decision taken by the executive committee shall be approved at the next meeting of the management committee.

14.2        Employment of officers and workers.

The management committee shall employ such officers and workers as they deem necessary and shall arrange their services and determine their salaries.

14.3        Bank Accounts

All withdrawals from the club bank account are to be approved by the management committee at any of its regular meetings on condition that payments to a certain maximum amount as determined by the management committee from time to time may be authorised by two committee members who have power of attorneys and furthermore that such payments are approved at the next management meeting.

The club only has a loan account controlled through 4×4 Megaworld. All expenses/expenditures should be approved by management committee.

14.4        Management Committee Meetings

The management committee shall meet regularly as and when necessary and at any rate not less than once a month. For purposes of the management committee meeting 60% of all members will be a quorum of which one member shall either be the chairman or Treasurer. For this purpose ex-officio members do not have the right to vote at management committee meetings.

All management committee members must attend management committee meetings, excepting where apology has been previously. Ex-officio members do not have to attend meetings unless they are needed for a special purpose.

Any management committee member who fails to attend 3 (three) consecutive management committee meetings or 3 (three) meetings during a period of six months shall be guilty of negligence and liable to disciplinary action by the management committee.

14.5        Manager

The management committee may appoint a person, who subject to their discretion, shall take over all control of the activities of the club. The post can be an honorary post, or the discretion of the committee, a paid post at a salary that the committee may decide from time to time.

14.6        Sub – Committees

The management committee, may when necessary appoint sub—committees to perform certain tasks, on condition that members of the management committee shall always be the chairman of such sub-committee.

Sub-committee also have the power to co-opt extra members.

15            ACCOUNTS

15.1        The management committee shall see to it that proper accounts are kept of the following matters:

15.1.1   All moneys received and spent by the club with reasons for the expenditure and receipt.

15.1.2   All purchases and sales of goods by the club, and

15.1.3   The assets of the club

It will be considered that proper bookkeeping is being done of such accounts are not s true and fair reflection of the club’s activities and the transactions are not explained.

The accounts must be held at the club premises or places that the management committee considers to be convenient and shall be available for perusal by members.

The management committee shall in pursuance of the committee see to it that a profit and loss account, balance sheet and statements are compiled and submitted at the annual general meeting.



‘The 4×4 Megaworld Offroad Club (Gauteng)’ and/or its agents may not be held responsible and will not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage, loss, injury, illness or death suffered or occasioned by the use of any 4×4 trail and/or participation in any parade of vehicles and/or events arranged by and on behalf of ‘The 4×4 Megaworld Offroad Club ’. The participation in such events is entirely at the risk of the member or participant and or his co-participants.