Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have a long-established reputation in Australia for their reliability, tough construction, superb performance and longevity. At the heart of Engel Fridges is the unique Sawafuji Swing Motor, making Engel a legend in reliability.


Over fifty years ago, Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan purchased the design for a unique product – the Swing Motor. They went on to develop this into the motor and pump system used to power the Engel Portable Fridge-Freezer that we know today.


From its humble beginnings back in the 1960’s, the Swing Motor system has evolved into a powerful and efficient cooling unit. Exclusively owned by Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan, it is the only compressor of its kind in the world.

About Engel

Pioneers of the Sawafuji Motor

While many other portable fridge manufacturers procure parts from numerous sources all over the world, Sawafuji are unique in having produced and developed each element of this unit independently. Over the years, continual improvements have been made to further optimise performance, reliability and power consumption. With the ability to operate at up to a 30 angle, and purpose built to withstand the shocks commonly encountered in bush or working environments, the Swing Motor is the integral core of an exceptional product.

The Engel Brand

Over fifty years ago Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan, purchased the drawing of a unique product, a swing motor. They proceeded to develop this into the motor and pump used to power the Engel Portable fridge-freezer we know today.

From its early beginnings in the 1960’s this unit has evolved into a powerful and efficient cooling unit. This is the only compressor of its type in the world and is wholly owned by Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan.

Engel - a legend in reliability


Engel Fridge Freezers

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The Sawafuji Motor

All Engel Fridge-Freezers are powered by the unique Sawafuji Swing Motor. Japanese technology at its best, the Sawafuji Swing Motor has only one moving part. Unlike many rotary type compressors, the Motor does not need to perform a full stroke on start up, meaning that it does not have a high start up current draw. The Motor operates at 30 degree angles and on rough corrugated tracks without any loss of efficiency, making it the most effective choice of motor for Engel.
The piston is connected to an electro dynamic device which is powered by the use of magnetic fields. With this technology there is no need for bearings, cranks or con-rods, and less moving parts means less chance of failure. With only one moving part, friction loss is very low, resulting in a highly efficient compressor.