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Big distances, heavy loads, extreme climates. A 4WD demands the most of any gear, quickly sorting out the pretenders. Most shocks aren’t up to the task.

ARB’s Old Man Emu (OME) shocks thrive in exactly these conditions all around the world. We know the challenges a vehicle’s suspension faces, and 4WDing brings its own set of challenges. For a 4×4 owner, the dream is to have a set of shocks that will perform the same on the roads during the week, as it does on the tracks on the weekend.

In response, we’ve developed the ultimate all-round shock absorber.

Designed, engineered and manufactured by ARB’s specialised OME suspension engineers, the MT64 is an expertly constructed blend of the Nitrocharger’s proven reliability and the durability of BP-51’s premium features, making it the perfect all-rounder.

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The huge 64mm (2.5in) internal bore allows for more oil and bigger piston and shim stacks, allowing precise tuning to provide more control through the stroke giving a more refined ride

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Utilising ridges on the body of the shock, OME engineers have included an configurable spring seat with 6 positions in 5mm increments, which allows for one coil spring to cater for added accessory weights

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In addition to plush everyday comfort, MT64 is also designed with a hydraulic end zone top out, which provides added padding at the shock’s full extension, to compensate for any unexpected bumps

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Featuring the same aerospace grade aluminium as our high-performance BP-51 to dissipate heat effectively, the MT64 also boasts a 22.5mm piston rod (shaft) for exceptional stability


The MT64’s name is derived from the construction of the shock absorber. The MT is the abbreviated version of the word monotube, relating to the shocks singular tube design. The 64 describes the measurement of the massive 64-millimetre (2.5-inch) internal bore.

As the name suggests, the twin tube has a second internal tube inside the shock to separate oil and nitrogen gas. This is a proven technology that works very well, but has its limitations around oil volume and tuning capability due to the piston and overall internal volume being smaller due to having to house a second tube.

A monotube shock absorber is a single body design, which utilises a floating piston at the top of the shock body to separate the oil and nitrogen gas. This allows a much larger amount of oil to be inside the shock absorber, which not only limits the shock fade, but also increases the overall size of the piston. This increase gives our engineers a huge scope for tuning, allowing us to tune your vehicle perfectly.

The Old Man Emu MT64 Shock Absorber is currently available for the following vehicles:

  1. Ford Ranger Next-Gen
  2. Volkswagen Amarok
  3. Toyota HiLux (2015 and later)
  4. Toyota Prado 150 (2010 and later)
  5. Toyota FJ Cruiser
  6. Toyota LC 70 Series

Additionally, there are plans to expand its availability to other vehicle applications in the future.

The MT64 shock absorber is designed to handle big distances, heavy loads, and extreme climates, making it an excellent choice for 4WD enthusiasts seeking a versatile and reliable suspension solution.

The MT64 takes inspiration from our tried and proven Nitrocharger, combining with our in-house designed and manufactured world class BP-51 shock absorber, filling the gap between affordable reliability and ultimate race inspired performance.

If you’re an avid camper and 4WDer, the MT64 is the perfect companion to get you there and back again with ultimate reliability, all while in complete comfort and control for hours on end.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder shock that is reliable and comfortable everyday, whilst also being ready to tackle offroad terrain, MT64 is the shock for you. Designed to complement and complete the OME range, the MT64 is ideal for anyone that wants set and forget premium performance on demand, without the need to perfectly adjust for your environment..

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Due to the increased oil volume and shim stack, the MT64 performs well with added weight. Our engineers have ensured the shock is the perfect companion for touring with your van in tow, providing superior comfort and control even when fully loaded.

Our well known Nitrocharger range is a twin tube design, compared to the MT64 which we have opted for a monotube design. The MT64 has a massive internal bore of 64mm which gives our engineers a much larger scope for perfectly tuning the shock absorber for any vehicle platform.

This results in a large increase in vehicle control and comfort. Due to the large internal oil volume, MT64 provides consistent damping performance over a wide temperature range and allows you to travel for as long as you need. 

The MT64 also feature an anodised aluminium body which dissipates heat up to 15x faster and is 1.3x lighter than steel, whilst also providing superior corrosion resistance.

Providing unrivalled Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) compliance, the bushes limit feedback to the driver through the suspension components. When incorporated into a double bonded bush design, the MT64 achieves high levels of durability without sacrificing comfort.

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