Meet the Team

Voetspore ViSA Johan Badenhorst

Johan Badenhorst
Producer / Director

Johan is the Voetspore Team leader. This is his 13th Voetspore adventure since 2000. Covering more than 250 000 kilometers and visiting 40 countries in Africa makes him one of the most well-traveled modern-day explorers of the continent.
In 2017 the team ventured further abroad to India and it‘s incredible diversity, but this year Johan is bringing Voetspore home to showcase SA’s unique beauty and hidden gems. Johan is married to Alma and lives in Kleinmond in the Western Cape.

Streicher MG 4901 1

streicher badenhorst
action camera operator

Streicher embarked on his first Voetspore journey when he was just 9 years old. He continued traveling with the team until the age of 16 when first school obligations and later university studies prevented him from joining the expedition. Now, as a post-graduate of the University of Stellenbosch, Streicher yet again joins the team on a journey through South Africa. Streicher is primarily responsible for capturing a different point of view through the action cameras and for updating the social media pages.

Stefan MG 5683 1

Stefan Sonnekus

Stefan has worked on a number of Voetspore series as editor, photographer, and videographer since 2005. Because of his move to the Western Cape some eight years ago, he became less involved in the production, but made a welcome return in 2016 with the Reunion trip and again in 2017 as photographer and editor on the India series. Stefan is the cameraman for the ViSA series. He is married to Elizna (production manager for ViSA) has an 8-year old son and lives in Wellington in the Boland.

Simon MG 2834 1

simon wearne

Simon is a relatively new member of Voetspore, yet through his experience as a tour guide in the Namib offers a serious contribution to the team. Voetspore in South Africa will be his fourth journey. Simon also has an uncanny talent for whipping up a delicious meal out of the most basic ingredients and feed an army. His chili relish is legendary. Simon is responsible for logistics during the trip and is also the driver of one of the vehicles. Simon lives in Walvis Bay, Namibia.


gideon swart

One of the longest-standing Voetspore team members, Gideon once again joins the team as the photographer on this year’s trip through South Africa. Gideon has been working with Johan for over 20 years on various productions, including most of the Voetspore series. This will be his 10th Voetspore trip. Gideon is well known for capturing breathtaking star trails and a Voetspore camp under the African skies without Gideon on the harmonica, is just not the same. He lives in Pretoria and has a daughter, Neva.


norberT coetzee

Norbert is a field guide and hails from Riemvasmaak where he has been actively involved in the development of the tourism facilities and 4×4 routes in the area. His first trip with the team was from Casablanca to the Cape in 2009 and this will be Norbert‘s 7th Voetspore journey. Norbert’s knowledge of the veld, the Namaqualand and Richtersveld areas makes his contribution to the team invaluable and the fact that he is great at baking bread on the open fire is a bonus!