Mojave 300W Kit with 30A MPPT Regulator



The Mojave 300W solar panel with 30A MPPT regulator is suitable for sustaining medium to heavy loads over 7+ days.  Run heavy equipment such as icemakers, several fridges for longer periods without the loss of a PWN regulator.  Each kit comes standard with a 10m extension cord (park in shade, panel in sun) and a high speed 30A MPPT regulator.  Users love the Mojave 300W with 30A MPPT regulator solar kit because: 2 x powerful 150W solar panel keeping the battery charged.  Outstanding ease of transportation and very user friendly.  Powerful output and low light tolerant.  Tri-fold solar panel contains no glass and Aluminium.  Collapsible supporting legs tilt panel at 45 degrees delivering a lot more power during winter months and early morning / late afternoon.

Latest design 30A MPPT. Efficient charge algorithm.  10m extension cord allows for the panel to be in the sun and park the vehicle in the shade
Each solar panel can be secured with ground pegs or rope against wind.

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