ARB 47 Litre Fridge Freezer



Brilliantly researched and engineered, the ARB Fridge Freezer is acclaimed in the 4WDing industry for it’s durability, meticulous design and ease of use.  The award-winning design incorporates a drain plug, internal LED light and durable 90° fold-back hinge that assists ease of use by keeping the lid open whilst removing items from the fridge.

An integrated battery protection system prevents excessive discharge of a vehicle’s battery by allowing the user to select the minimum operating voltage.

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Secop Compressor:  Highest quality, Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor with smart electronic control system enables rapid cool down to target temperature.  Reversible basket with divider: Allows multiple content storage options by separating fridge contents or alternatively allowing longer items to be positioned along the length of the cabinet.  Internal LED light: Low power draw LED light with magnetic switch will turn off when the lid is closed.  Drain Plug:  Integrated into base of the fridge for effortless cleaning.  Integrated evaporator: Designed as an integral part of the interior cabinet, ensuring simplified cleaning and optimum use of internal storage space.  Capacity:  Optimised internal cabinet includes separate compartment for fruit and dairy.


Durable detent hinge:  Stainless steel hinge ensures the lid can be easily removed and securely slid back into place.  Lid and integrated seal:  Tough, two piece injection mould lid incorporates recessed seal, minimising wear and damage.  Durable case: Powder coated, robust zinc steel casing is designed to withstand extreme offroad conditions.  Front Latch:  Simple to use, large over-centre cam lock latch provides a positive seal between the lid and cabinet for optimum cooling efficiency.  Control Panel:  Easily accessible, recessed front control panel with maintenance-free digital temperature display no dedicated battery required).  Recessed handles: Powder coated, steel handles are engineered to double as tie down points.  Rubber Feet:  Integrated into fridge base for increased grip and stability.  Rear Clips:  Rear clips secure 12/24V and 100-240V cables preventing the plug from being accidentally disconnected.

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Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 508 × 380 × 705 mm

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