Made from premium waterproof ripstop canvas, the Oztent RV range provides fast and effective protection from the elements. The extra-large attached awning expands your living space, while the rear and side windows provide instant ventilation. The unique shape of the Oztent RV range maximizes your space, making storage within the tent as easy as the 30-second setup.

Since the beginning, Oztent has had a design approach built around developing products that work better and are aesthetically balanced with the environment in which they are used. Cleverly designed mechanisms are used across our whole product range. Our 30-second Oztent features an auto-locking frame system that eliminates the need for flexible guide poles, allowing for fast setup. Oztent also employs a stringent materials assessment to ensure all our products are durable enough to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. A rigorous testing process includes rain simulation testing to provide a 100% waterproof guarantee, wind tunnel testing, tear, abrasion and fire testing, repetitive weight-bearing methods (on chairs).
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