oztent camping accessories


Who is Oztent

We pioneered the first 30-second tent, making sure it could withstand the harshest environmental conditions by choosing quality materials and enforcing a strict design and manufacturing process, together with rigorous testing.

How Oztent Began

Oztent was founded over 20 years ago by inventor Joe Viglione who was frustrated by tents that took so long to set up. He dreamed of a tent that would literally set up in seconds – then he set about inventing it and in doing so, he redefined pitching a tent.

Mission & Vision

We’re probably a lot like you – adventurers who love the great outdoors.  Our vision is to be the world’s premier outdoor company, creating your experience that can only be described as awesome. CREATE AWESOME in everything that we do!  

About Oztent

Pioneers of the 30 second tent

Oztent is an Australian business which grew from the dream of one man into an outdoor company that now provides adventurers around the globe with products to help them get out and have awesome experiences.

The Oztent Group

“The most difficult element of designing camping gear is contrasting goals. Campers want a small pack size, but a big and spacious tent. A tent that is lightweight to carry, but rugged and durable enough to protect against the elements.

Designing this type of equipment takes courage. Designs need to be intuitive and work time after time – after all there is no tech support deep in the desert or in an isolated forest. Brands that last twenty years in this industry are tried, tested and trusted.”

Need assistance in choosing?  Let’s walk you through your options together!

Oztent Design Approach

All of our products are crafted for the adventures that leave you relaxed, refreshed and fully alive. We’ve got you covered with quick, durable, comfortable, and hassle-free gear.

Cleverly designed mechanisms are used across our whole product range.  Our 30-second Oztent features an auto-locking frame system that eliminates the need for flexible guide poles, allowing for fast setup.

Our Pilot Chair is built around a patented ‘knuckle’ mechanism allowing for a small pack down size whilst maintaining durability.