As the premier supplier of quality 4×4 camping and 4wd accessories we would like to create a “MegaXplore Family”. The ideal platform for this is the MegaXplore concept. It should be a “home” where people can share ideas and adventures with like minded adventurers.

What you get when joining MegaXplore;

    • Complimentary introductory 4×4 training course for 1 person per family to the value of R950
    • Special club discounts on excursions for members (e.g. Trip price R2,000 & Club member pays R1,200)
    • Longer 4×4 adventures to remote places in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho etc.
Members will also receive special benefits such as discounts on selected products that is only available to members, added value services like special discounts with tyre fitment centres etc. We will keep members updated on these benefits regularly.

meet the team

Bernie Williams

Bernie Williams

Bernie has been involved in the 4×4 industry in South Africa for 17 years both as instructor and overlanding guide. 

Professional Advanced Driving instructor as well as accredited 4×4 Instructor. Specialist Overland Guide to Southern Africa countries. Specializing in Namibia and Botswana adventures. 

Bernie was also the presenter of the popular THAT 4×4 SHOW on Ignition channel 189 DSTV.


Francois Marais - MegaXplore Western Cape


Francois performs specialized driver training throughout Africa for a range of clientele in the mining, security and construction industries. He is also involved with some motor manufacturers where he does vehicle tests, launches and training for staff and customers.  Francois is a qualified trainer and assessor, and has completed an overland guide course. 

Stuart Queripel

Stuart Queripel has been passionately involved in the “industry of the outdoors” for just on 8 years now.
Initially his love for the outdoors started when he learned to surf at the tender age of 13.  Become part of Stu’s next epic adventure – document ing the build of his dream overlanding Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4 AT.

Dreyer van Niekerk
Committee Member free state

Dreyer is a complete 4×4 enthusiast.  He likes to take the scenic route, always going off the beaten track.  He completed his first 4×4 training course in 2006.

Not only does he like to travel, he also plans routes in SA and neighboring countries.  He likes seeing new places, no matter which road it takes.  Dreyer is the go-to person for information.