• Club members shall follow the direction and instruction of the committee members at club functions.
• Club members shall display absolute care for the environment at all times.
• Club members should not engage in any behaviour, which is deemed to be prejudicial to the club, and its members.
2.1 rules are those
2.1.1 That you follow to be a MegaXplore member.
2.1.2 That you accept as MegaXplore objectives
2.1.3 That you impose yourself about how safe is your own vehicle
2.1.4 Existing in your community that regulate all motor vehicle and the use of public and private roads
2.1.5 Do not practice extreme off road trips and tricks without well-equipped vehicle, training of guidance
2.1.6 Do not go alone for off-road rides
2.1.7 You are limited by your vehicle power.
2.2 Driving
2.2.1 Anyone driving uphill has the right of way
2.2.2 You are in control of your vehicle
2.2.3 If driving besides an open cliff, stop your vehicle to facilitate a safe right of way
2.2.4 Do not drive over nature undisturbed land
2.2.5 Respect private property, if necessary, get a permit to drive through private roads
2.2.6 Read and respect the road signs, particularly, on logging and mining roads
2.3 Vehicle
        2.3.1 Not required to win a Liberty, just follow the rules.
2.3.2 While driving during a ‘MegXplore 4×4 ‘event, your vehicle shall be equipped with:  Four wheel drive w/transfer case  Factory build hard top or approved roll bar  Functional service and parking brake  Battery hold downs mechanically  Headlights and running lights  Brake Lights  Windshield wipers  Full size, fully inflated spare tyre
3.1 Environment
1.1.1      The environment changes are unpredictable
1.1.2      Do not disturb any road
1.1.3      Watch for flash floods in dry rivers
1.1.4      Watch for potential land or rockslides
1.1.5      No fluid leaks allowed on rides
1.1.6      Friendliness is your power tool
1.2 Safety and First Aid
3.2.1   No alcohol during any driving event.
1.2.2      While driving during ‘MegaXplore 4×4” event, your vehicle shall be equipped with: Fire extinguisher with previously verified if it is good and full (one set per two vehicle in a ride) Two straps or rope (one set per two or more vehicles in a ride)  Carry a map, compass, a GPS, a CB radio or cell phone.  No passengers on the back of your vehicle.  First aid kit (one set per four vehicles)  Jack, capable of lifting your vehicle and a tool capable of removing lock nuts.  Tyres must have a minimum 3/32 tread.  Adequate recovery points (hooks) front and rear.  Steering components must not have excessive play. No solid objects, shall be united in the interior of your vehicle. do not carry flammable liquids, extra gas shall be, carry on safety containers properly attached in the exterior of the vehicle. Flashlights Tool kit, and a shovel (one per up to four vehicles)