The AR40 Intensity LED Light Bar is designed to integrate with the top tube of the bull bar, the AR40’s extruded alloy housing wraps around the tube, providing a low profile that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view (as per Australian Design Rule ADR42/04 Section 12) of the road. Its unique tube clamp mounting system sits out of view and delivers incredible stability for off road use, eliminating vibration while being adjustable so that it won’t interfere with aerial mounting tabs, leaving them free to be used for their intended function.  Output:  9200 raw lumens.  Colour temperature:  5700K.  Operating temperature:  -40 degrees Celcius to 63 degrees Celcius.  Power:  115W.  Current draw:  8.0A at 14.4V.

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ARB Intensity Light Bar
ARB 40 LED Lightbar



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