2 Year Warranty. 8m kit draws only 9.6 watts / 0.8 amps per hour. Massive light output of 1200 lumens. Provides bright even lighting around the boat. Non-direct light that doesn’t blind. Can run for 12 hours without compromising the battery. Bright enough to rig up. Withstands the harshest environments. Fit into all the nooks and crannies around the boat. Durable. Waterproof (IP68). Easy to install.

Contents: 240 LEDS in modules of 6 spanning 8 meters long. 2 x Marine Toggle Switch. 1 x 50cm High Power Waterproof Flexible Lights Strips. Industrial strength Silicone. Connectors for easy installation. Professionally boxed and packaged. 1 x On/off Remote Control Dimmer. 1 x 2-Way Splitter. DIY instructions (they really are easy to install).

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8m Boat Light Kit
Hardkorr 8m LED Boat Light Kit

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