T4A GPS Maps (Version 20.05) is a highly detailed fully routable map of Africa for self-drive tourists as well as for overlanders who want to explore remote places in Africa. We also cater for the average outdoors person who enjoys hiking, fishing, birding, mountain biking and 4×4 trails.
T4A GPS Maps 20.05 comes preloaded on a micro SD card with standard adapter, ready for Plug & Navigate. This SD card can be used on most map capable Garmin handheld units and has been tested with latest Drive units as well.
T4A processed 342 data submissions for this version resulting in the addition of about 26 000km of road data. These data submissions not only contribute more roads and POIs to the map but also improve the quality of existing data by means of corrections.  Detailed street coverage for Southern and Eastern Africa is now included but street numbers are not available.

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Tracks4Africa GPS Maps Version 20.05
T4A SD Card – Garmin GPS

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