An inconvenient truth: The tyre market would be half its size if tyres were fitted and maintained correctly.

From that perspective, it’s not hard to believe that accurate tyre maintenance (alignment, rotation and balancing) isn’t always a top priority in the tyre industry.

Perhaps proof of this claim can be seen within the tyre dealers themselves, where inadequate equipment is often commonplace.

This is especially true for South Africa’s top-selling vehicle segment: pick-ups, SUVs and 4x4s. Many of these vehicles are equipped with ‘Light Truck’ (LT) tyres that can weigh up to 3 times more than a traditional passenger-carcass tyre.

Why does that matter?

Well, an overwhelming number of tyre dealers in SA are not equipped to handle the mass of a heavy-duty LT tyre. Here’s how the scenario plays out…

The owner of a double-cab vehicle visits a tyre dealer to have his wheels and tyres balanced and rotated. Upon leaving the shop he notices that the tyres still have a slight vibration. He returns to the tyre dealer and complains. The tyre dealer removes the tyres, places them back on the balancing machine, and points out that the tyres are running smoothly.

The dealer is vindicated of any wrong doing, and the vehicle owner is left feeling worried that his double-cab has a bigger underlying problem.

In truth, there’s nothing wrong with the vehicle. If the same tyres were placed on another balancing machine, at another tyre dealer, it would be shown that the tyres are severely unbalanced.

So why would two machines give two totally different readings?

Unfortunately, most wheel-balancing machines are designed for light weight passenger-carcass tyres, they’re not equipped to handle the mass of a Light Truck tyre that is typically found on a pick-up, SUV and/or 4×4 vehicle.

The same problem applies to wheel-alignment, too. However, in this case, the discrepancy may be caused by aftermarket suspension.

Unfortunately, most tyre dealers are unable to account for upgraded suspension components, and as a result, the tyre dealer’s machine claims that the alignment is spot on, but the driving experience tells a different story. 

What’s the Solution?

Boasting the widest ranges of Light Truck tyres on the market, as well as the most comprehensive tyre-warranty programme in South Africa, TyreLife Solutions is committed to providing expert advice and services within the wheel- and tyre market.

On that note, TyreLife Solutions has partnered with 4×4 MegaWorld to provide a specialist facility that’s geared specifically for pick-ups, SUVs and 4×4 vehicles by providing…

  • Highly trained staff that are dedicated to accurate diagnosis.
  • A ‘Hunter Road Force’ machine, the benchmark of wheel balancing. And…
  • The award winning ‘STR8-LIGN’ wheel-alignment system that’s able to independently assess and adjust wheel alignment, even with aftermarket suspension fitted.

The new TyreLife facility is based in 4×4 Mega World’s Paarden Eiland branch (Cape Town), with plans to invest in future facilities across SA.  

For more information on where to find your nearest TyreLife accredited dealer, visit our partners Tyre Finder here and receive an instant online quote and location-based dealer list.

Credit:  Coopertires