One month to go and Voetspore’s Johan Badenhorst is getting ready for his next big adventure, but this time they will be staying a little closer to home.

Voetspore has, over the past two years, used South Africa mostly as a point of departure, or as a place to come home to. Now they have decided, with the next expedition, not to depart or arrive only in South Africa, but to do the entire journey in Mzanzi.


Voetspore Reunie 1 gen logo web 6Voetpsore South Africa starts in Juy 2019. The team will go off the beaten track. They will explore inside the borders of our country, looking for hidden gems, away from the maddening crowd.

The plan is to start in the Northern Cape. Communities like Mier, Askham, Riemvasmaak, Pella and Goodhouse are on the list. After that the team want to pass through the Richtersveld, which is an under-explored region of South Africa and our only rock desert. Conditions are harsh and therein lies its beauty. From there they will continue through Namaqualand and down the West Coast.

Before they hit the popular tourist destinations of the Western Cape, Voetspore will turn to the interior. The Tankwa – and Moordenaarskaroo are next. They want to experience the severity of the semi-desert, and perhaps take a look at where the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere was built.

The plan is then to drive diagonally across South Africa. Perhaps they will visit Die Hel in the Gamkaskloof. Maybe they can drive some of the beautiful mountain passes that separate the Great and Little Karoo from the Garden Route. This is scenic South Africa.

The coastline of the Ciskei and Transkei will keep them busy for a few weeks, before they head into the interior once more, to tackle the mountain passes on the slopes of the Drakensberg that form the border with landlocked Lesotho.

Voetspore Reunie 1 gen logo web 2KwaZulu-Natal is a popular tourist destination for many. But perhaps they can explore and visit some of its secrets in the mid-lands, as well as on the northern coastal areas. A day or three on a house boat on the Jozini dam sounds like an excellent plan.

After driving round eSwatini (Swaziland for the ill-informed), they’ll head north, staying west of the Kruger. The eastern Transvaal Lowveld is a charming region to visit. This will take them all the way north to the land of the Venda, and the Ivory Route.

They will follow the Limpopo River upstream, past Mapungubwe and the Tuli Block, until they reach the land of the Tswana.

Three months after their departure in the Northern Cape, they hope to complete the circle.


Voetspore Reunie 1 gen logo web 4This journey will be different in a number of ways. For a start they will invite guests to join them. The SABC will soon start running a competition in which South Africans will compete for a seat in the fourth Voetspore vehicle.

Johan and his team will also look for families to join them for a week or so, living the full Voetspore experience. They will drive their own 4×4, courtesy of Toyota SA, will set up camp with Voetspore, and enjoy evenings under the stars in the company of Johan Badenhorst.

Johan and his team will do their best to entertain them with proper Voetspore cuisine. They’ll let them peel the potatoes and do the dishes, and they can share with the team a recipe or two. They will experience first-hand how an adventure documentary series like Voetspore is recorded and produced.


Voetspore Reunie 1 gen logo web 3With Voetspore in South Africa, the production will be a little different from the previous expeditions. This time they will attach a reality element by broadcasting each episode one week after production.

What they do this week, viewers will be able to experience and see next week. This will challenge the production crew. Since Voetspore started their journey in 2000, they have always had mnoths to edit the programme, now they will have days.

Modern equipment, and especially the introduction of the internet, allows them to deliver programmes for broadcast from just about anywhere. Voetpsore will need to plan carefully to ensure the video editor is not snowed under by unnecessary video footage.

The broadcast of the episodes will follow directly after the broadcast of Voetspore India and promises to be a new challenge in many different ways.

4×4 Mega World are once again proud sponsors to the Voetspore Team.

We cannot wait to start !

Courtesy:  Leisure Wheels

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