BP-51 Shock Absorber
BP-51 Shock Absorber
The all new BP-51 is a revolutionary four wheel drive suspension system that delivers the ultimate in comfort and control, both on and off the road. After four years of intensive in-house development, engineering and testing, ARB is proud to announce the latest addition to its Old Man Emu suspension range – OME BP-51 Bypass Shock Absorbers.  Featuring innovative patent pending technology BP-51 (Bypass with 51mm Diameter Bore) shock absorbers feature innovative patent pending technology developed to deliver unequalled on and off road performance for your 4×4. Developed and extensively tested by ARB’s team of OME engineers across a gruelling selection of the harshest terrains in remote outback Australia, these big bore shock absorbers with remote reservoirs are designed to bolt directly to your vehicle without the need for additional vehicle modifications. The internal mechanics of a bypass shock absorber differ significantly from those of a more conventional design shock absorber, such as the OME Nitrocharger Sport. In a Nitrocharger Sport, the oil flows through the valving in the piston and damping force is determined by the piston’s speed (the higher the piston speed the higher the resulting damping force). This is referred to as “velocity sensitive damping”. In a bypass shock absorber, in addition to flowing through the valving within the piston, the oil can pass around the piston through a series of carefully staged bypass channels built into the body of the shock. As the piston moves through the cylinder, bypass ports are opened and closed progressively, varying the amount of oil required to pass through the piston and in doing so, altering the damping force. This level of control is called “position sensitive damping”. The combination of velocity-sensitive and position-sensitive damping technologies within BP-51 allows for a progressive ramp up to over 300 per cent as the piston moves towards full compression or full extension. The resulting effect is a comfortable ride during on-road driving, with high damping control and handling performance during off road driving.  Traditional bypass shock absorbers often cannot be installed in modern road vehicles due to the limited suspension travel and space restrictions, particularly in vehicles with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) setups. OME BP-51 shock absorbers have been specifically designed to fit into the confined spaces of IFS coil-over assemblies, bringing racing technology to the modern 4×4 road user. One of the distinctive features of BP-51 is the ability to independently adjust the compression and rebound damping, both of which can be tweaked on the vehicle as conditions dictate using the C-spanner provided. This is done by simply reaching under the guard with the C-spanner and turning the dial to the desired setting. Factory recommended settings are provided for different vehicle fit-outs in the comprehensive fitting instructions. The Aluminium body construction ensures superior heat dissipation to prevent over-heating and damper fade in even the harshest driving conditions while the hard anodised surface finish provides maximum protection from corrosion and stone peppering. OME BP-51… the future is here! KEY FEATURES INCLUDE:
  • Internal Bypass Technology with Remote Reservoir
  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction
  • Type 3 40 Micron Hard Anodised Surface Finish
  • Independently adjustable for both rebound and compression
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured by ARB
  • Vehicle Specific Applications
  • 3 YEAR / 60,000KM Warranty
VEHICLE APPLICATIONS: ARB has released BP-51 suspension systems for several current generation 4×4 models including Ford Ranger, Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series, HiLux, LandCruiser Prado 150, FJ Cruiser and Jeep JK & JL Wrangler and Land Rover Defender with several other applications on the horizon.
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