ARB’s comprehensive range of portable and onboard compressors has long been the preferred choice for numerous 4WD enthusiasts. In the spirit of innovation, we’re delighted to introduce the newly updated Portable High-Output Single Air Compressor V2.

Prioritising Safety

The ARB Portable High Output Single Air Compressor V2 comes with a stainless steel heat shield that covers the hot touch areas, providing an added layer of safety to prevent accidental burns or injuries while handling the device, ensuring your safety on the trails.

The motor is designed with an automatic cut-out system to shield it from damage arising from excessive temperatures – the compressor will resume operation once it cools down to safe levels.

The compressor also boasts a pressure switch and a 40-amp automotive relay-equipped electrical system, which prevents run-on when not filling and safeguards the compressor and hoses from over-pressurisation due to a kinked air line. This feature, often overlooked by other brands, is critical to prevent overpressure and potential unit failure.

An additional safety valve releases excess air during filling to maintain safe pressure levels. This feature also serves as a secondary protection measure against a pressure switch failure or inadvertent connection to a high-pressure source. Unlike some competitor brands, ARB’s safety valve gradually releases built-up pressure inside the unit, eliminating the need to manually drain excess air after use.

Enhanced Convenience

The extended seven-metre air hose and quick-connect tyre filler included in the kit enhance user convenience. These new add-ons, along with a neoprene pocket for storage, make this version more organized and user-friendly.

Quality Assurance

Every compressor is individually constructed, assembled, and tested at the ARB factory in Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia. This rigorous quality assurance process ensures that each compressor meets both functional and safety standards, offering you a product you can rely on for your off-road adventures.

Feature-Rich Design

Engineered to cater to the needs of serious 4WD aficionados, the V2 boasts a hard anodised cylinder bore, a Teflon-coated carbon fibre piston seal, and a thermally protected motor for dependable performance in all conditions.

With a 50% duty cycle, this compressor is ready for any task. The comprehensive kit includes the air compressor, a 304-grade hairline stainless steel heat shield, a high-temperature air hose (made in Japan) with US standard fittings, a quick-connect ARB Tyre Inflation Chuck, tyre bead seating fitting, and an inflation accessory kit.

ARB Air Compressors Explained

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