Refrigeration Solutions
Refrigeration Solutions

Keeping your perishable items fresh on a long trip can be a daunting task. Even the most insulated coolers require ice replenishment after a few days. 4×4 Mega World sells a range of top-notch, rugged vehicle-powered fridge-freezers engineered to keep food cool and/or frozen regardless of the temperature outside.

Our two leading brands are ARB and Engel.

Over fifty years ago Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan, purchased the drawing of a unique product, a swing motor. They proceeded to develop this into the motor and pump used to power the Engel Portable fridge-freezer we know today. From its early beginnings in the 1960’s this unit has evolved into a powerful and efficient cooling unit. This is the only compressor of its type in the world and is wholly owned by Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan.

While many other portable fridge manufacturers procure parts from many sources all over the world Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd alone have produced and improved this unit over many years. In this time changes made to this unique heart of the Engel portable fridge-freezers have further improved performance, reliability and power consumption. The swing motor is purpose built to withstand the shocks encountered in the bush or working environment. With its ability to operate at up to a 30 angle, this is a special product.

Engineered in Australia to handle our extreme conditions, ARB Fridge Freezers offer uncompromising performance with a temperature range from -18 degrees to + 10 degrees celsius, giving you the convenience of refrigerated or frozen food and drinks no matter where your journey takes you.

Tested extensively for off road, outback and sea-side usage, the range of ARB Fridge Freezers will complement your boat, car, caravan or camper trailer; available in 35, 47, 60 and 78 litre capacities, all backed by a comprehensive three year warranty.

Check out our range of refrigeration solutions below.

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