Oztent RV Range

Getting off the beaten track and visiting places less travelled is a key attraction when overlanding. And while ‘roughing it’ certainly has some appeal, there are times when a little comfort can make all the difference.

Whether you’re planning on getting lost for a couple of days, or heading into more remote regions of the country, you’ll need some warm and convenient shelter. 4×4 Mega World’s Oztent camping range has an array of options to suit every journey, and is complemented by a variety of optional accessories to make every camping adventure an enjoyable one.

Around the world the Oztent range has earned a reputation for speed, innovation and durability with campers who won’t settle for second best.

Oztent inspires passion.  Of all the gear that experienced campers carry, some would sooner part with their 4WD than they would their trusty Oztent.  Like all great innovations, the Oztent just works and keeps working.  Rugged, spacious and straightforward, there’s an Oztent design for every touring application.  The Oztent design eliminates the need for flexible guide poles using a unique and patented internal aluminium auto-locking frame system, which can be set up by one person in a fast 30 seconds.

Oztent Malamoo Range

Malamoo tents were created for those who seize the day.  So jump at the chance to get away, pack the essentials and hit the road.  When you get there, Malamoo means comfort and shelter are just three seconds away.

Flip it open, throw in your gear and get away from it all.  With Malamoo, it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.  The Malamoo range is a perfect companion for a quick trip to the beach or bush, a spontaneous last-minute getaway, or a summer festival road trip.  Malamoo packs flat so it fits easily into the car, plus it is lightweight and easy to carry when you arrive.  You’re set-up in just three seconds.

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