Installing a drawer system in your SUV, 4×4 or trailer is a great way to make the most of the space you have available. Staying organised and having access to your gear when you need it.  Sliding systems are ideal for fridge-freezers. Allowing you to easily access your camping fridge-freezer.  When cargo sliders are used in the load bed of a vehicle you no longer need to crawl in to get your gear you simply slide out and grab your gear and go. Ideal for camping equipment, tools, coolers or any other luggage.

Front Runner’s off-road tough sliders latch closed and feature a 113 kg / 250 lb load carrying capacity. Traditionally used to easily access fridge-freezers or tool boxes, Front Runner cargo slides can also be used to carry Wolf Packs, Cub Packs and other heavier gear. Front Runner Sliders can be secured to most flat surfaces. Browse to shop for an appropriately sized slider for your vehicle and gear.  4×4 Mega World is the preferred supplier and installer of Front Runner Fridge slides, Cargo sliders and drawer systems.

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