ARB Digital Tyre Inflator
With ARB’s new Digital Tyre Inflator you’ll always be able to accurately set your tyres’ correct pressure, both on and off the road.  Most four-wheel drivers understand the importance of running the correct tyre pressures for different situations or load variances. This is why it’s so important to carry an accurate air pressure gauge and tyre inflation equipment in your vehicle, especially when driving off-road. The new ARB Digital Tyre Inflator makes checking and adjusting your vehicle’s tyre pressures a fast and simple operation thanks to its large and easy to read digital read-out, big thumb-operated inflator button, easy access deflator button and clip-on chuck. Of course, the inline digital tyre inflator is compatible with all ARB air  compressors, thanks to its US Industrial Standard fitting, and its handy 600mm dual-swivel hose, making connection to tyre valves easy. The big digital display can be set to your preferred unit of measurement, and the pressure range far exceeds what you’ll ever need for tyre inflation; 0-200psi, 0-14bar, 0-1400kPa or 0-14kgF/cm2. The inflator can handle supply pressures up to a massive 350psi (2400kPa) and between 25-75psi it provides accuracy to within +/-1psi. The inflator itself is built tough, and is protected from drops and bumps by a cleverly designed rubber casing with built-in ribs. The ‘power’ and ‘function’ buttons are recessed into the unit so they can’t be inadvertently knocked when in use or when packing the gauge away, and the digital tyre gauge is powered by two AAA batteries, which will provide 200 hours of operation. Of course, ARB still offers an inflator with analogue gauge, but for those who prefer the accuracy of a digital read-out, there’s now this superbly built product to help you get the most out of your ARB air compressor.
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