Availability Date: July 2018 Old Man Emu is pleased to release the latest application of BP-51 High Performance Bypass Shock Absorbers engineered specifically for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80/105 Series. This package consists of 2 front dampers, 2 rear dampers and 2 fit kits. 2 different lift versions will be available with the first version suitable for lifts up to 50mm (2 inch) and the second long travel version suitable for lifts of 75 to 100mm (3 to 4 inch). The dampers for the 80/105 Series have been tuned specifically to the vehicle geometry, weight and OME coils. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure the vehicle has a high amount of roll control but still provides a plush ride that BP-51 inherently has. Off road testing was also extensively conducted to ensure that the vehicle can handle a wide variety of features for a long period of time.  The front dampers have been designed with a simple reservoir bracket that mounts to the top of the spring tower of all 80/105 series types.   The rear dampers have been designed with another simple bracket that mounts to the chassis rail. Contact us for your pre-order or further details.
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