Whilst on a Summit Bar a light bar can be mounted on the centre cross tube, Summit Sahara Bars presented a challenge to enable both light bar and antennas to be mounted together; given the overall diameter of the Sahara tube and the potential added weight of both light bar and antennas not being evenly distributed. From this came development of a Sahara Tube kit with an integrated 20” LED light bar.

The Initial launch range of Sahara tube kits with the 20” LED Light bar cover Ford Ranger PXIII, Toyota Hilux 2018 on, Toyota Prado 150 10/17 on and Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 8/18 on.

Finished in a stealthy Integrit textured black powder coat, the Summit Sahara tube with Light Bar features 10x integrated 20” OSRAM LED lights to illuminate the road ahead in a variety of driving conditions. 

The tube’s aluminium body and high-pressure die-cast aluminium end caps enable heat dissipation for added longevity to the LEDs, while a light tint added to the polycarbonate lens ensures a non-obtrusive look. Manufactured from extruded aluminium for superior strength, the light bar’s turned reflectors create a defined beamline that’s specifically designed as a spot/flood combination to complement the OE headlight light spread; providing up to 445m @ 1 Lux and up to 44m spread of light. 

The tubes are manufactured from extruded aluminium, with high pressure die cast aluminium caps to provide superior strength and heat dissipation, which provides great longevity to the LEDS. There is additional provision within the Sahara tube for heat dissipation, and the tube itself assists as a further heat shrink. The body is fully powder coated in a stealth black finish and a light tint was added to the polycarbonate lens providing a non-obtrusive look.

Tuned reflectors on the Sahara Tube LED light bar ensure a defined beam line designed as a spot/flood combination to complement the OE headlight light spread, and provide up to 445M @ 1 Lux, plus up to 44m spread of light.

The Sahara tube kit is finished in Integrit™ textured black powder coat. Existing polished alloy tube kits (without integrated LED light bar) continue to be available.

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