Mud Article 1Driving in mud is one of the most challenging terrains 4WDers can face, so keep these tips in mind next time things start to get a little sticky. From bog holes and sticky clay, to slippery outback tracks, mud driving can be exhilarating, challenging and a lot of fun. It can also be potentially damaging for both vehicle and ego alike, so it’s best to be prepared. Unlike a lot of other types of 4WDing, successful mud driving often requires us to ignore our instincts and, instead, follow proven techniques for getting through unscathed.

BEFORE YOU DIVE IN It should be said that whilst blasting through a bottomless bog hole can be fun, in reality, given the potential for vehicle damage, it should be avoided where possible. Aside from the obvious dangers that come with lack of control, mud has an uncanny ability to make its way into every nook and cranny of your 4WD. Being a mixture of water and dirt, this can cause a range of problems including rust, contamination of driveline lubricants.

Source: Mud, Glorious Mud | 4×4 Cultured

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