In keeping with the clear objective of using our adventures to improve and save lives, on World Malaria Day 2019 (25 April), the Kingsley Holgate team departed for Mozambique on a flood relief expedition to assist communities living near Gorongosa National Park, inland from Beira, who were seriously affected by Cyclone Idai and the resulting widespread flooding. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mozambique, which has the third highest number of malaria cases anywhere in the world.  A month after Cyclone Idai slammed into Beira and left a swathe of destruction on its path inland towards Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani region, tens of thousands of people living in communities on the boundaries of Gorongosa National Park are now facing a serious post-flood escalating threat of malaria and cholera.   This much-needed 4×4 Mega World supported humanitarian expedition received the full support of Gorongosa National Park’s Operations Director Mike Marchington and the Park’s team of dedicated community health workers.  View his thank you letter here. In the words of Dr Pedro Vidamao: “This work you are helping us with is really important.  The flooding has caused much misery and a massive increase in malaria and cholera cases.” OBJECTIVES REACHED With 4×4 Mega World’s help, the Kingsley Holgate Expedition have been able to successfully arranged the delivery and distribution of:
  • Over 10,000 life-saving, long-lasting PermaNet insecticide-treated mosquito nets. Research indicates that the average mother shares a mosquito net with two to three infants; this equates to 30,000 lives kept safe from the silent killer of malaria.  A further consignment of mosquito nets will be delivered to Gorongosa shortly for their community health teams to distribute in the coming weeks.
  • The supply of much-needed malaria test kits and malaria medication (Coartem) to Gorongosa’s community health clinic and for community visits by their well-organised Health Brigades.
  • The supply of 100 individual LifeStraw units and sufficient water purification sachets to provide over 1 million litres of potable water, together with 40 drums of filtered drinking water.
  • Land Rover Hope satchels were used as malaria education prizes.
  • The supply of a robust solar panel unit for one of Gorongosa’s ranger posts.
Total estimate value:  R1,75 million. IN SUMMARY Despite the challenging logistics, this humanitarian effort was extremely humbling.  The effects of Cyclone Idai have been devastating and to see first-hand, the desperation on the faces of particularly the women with children, was most distressing.  Fortunately, thanks to magnificent work by Gorongosa National Park, all the surrounding villages, initially by helicopter drops and then by rangers on foot, have received emergency food supplies, seeds for new crops, clean drinking water and now malaria prevention supplies.  There’s a lot of hard work still to do but here in the areas around the Park, one feels there is hope. This humanitarian mission would not have been possible without the assistance of 4×4 Mega World and we thank you for your ongoing support. Kingsley, Ross & the Expedition Team
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