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Welcome to Leisure Wheels Customs – where you can save up to R15 000 on an accessory package deal!

We kick off the Customs service with some Toyota Hilux.

How does it work? Firstly, we haven’t employed a bunch of bearded, tattooed mechanics that play pranks on each other while they turn old wrecks into exotic machinery.

Instead of swinging spanners and trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re offering some exclusive offers through existing 4×4 accessory and other retail outlets.

Want in on this custom deal?

Contact Victoria Sanga at VictoriaS@ramsaymedia.co.za or Tel. 011 449-1106 to make a booking to have your limited edition Leisure Wheels Customs package fitted.

Leisure Wheels and 4×4 Mega World have partnered up on some great deals as follows;

Two packages apply to all double cab derivatives

(both 4×2 and 4×4), no matter the engine option.

It includes: Front Runner’s subtle yet practical rock-sliders (in standard black finish); a set of four RHC Off-road Titan 16-rims shod with General Tire’s latest Grabber AT3 all-terrain tyres; and the option between two Old Man Emu suspension systems. A one-stop fitment solution will be offered at 4×4 Mega World outlets.

Customers can choose

between either the standard Old Man Emu suspension upgrade, or – like our Hilux SRS – have the high-end, racing technology BP51 bypass system fitted. The BP51 system really is the cream of the OME crop, but if you want to upgrade your Hilux’s suspension to be able to handle extra weight in rough terrain, all day long, then the standard OME package will do a grand job too.

Only available as complete packages (so you can’t buy the rock-slider or the rim or other parts separately), the average retail pricing for these packages, if you go and buy the items separately over the counter, will be as follows:

* Front Runner rock-sliders + Old Man Emu suspension upgrade + four RHC 16-wheels with General Tire AT3 tyres = R54 000.

* Front Runner rock-sliders + Old Man Emu BP51 bypass suspension upgrade + four RHC Off-road 16-wheels with General Tire AT3 tyres = R92 000.

And here’s the good news: For the standard Leisure Wheels Customs OME suspension package upgrade you will pay R10 000 less. That’s a R10K discount, so this limited edition package will retail for R44 000.

There are even bigger savings in the offing for the high-end OME BP51 package: Instead of the normal retail pricing of R92 000 for all the good stuff, you get a R15 000 discount. So you pay a total of R77 000.

That’s for the complete BP51 package. So the rims and tyres, the Front Runner protection products and the fully adjustable, race-ready BP51 bypass suspension system.

Want in on this custom deal?  Then all you have to do is contact Victoria Sanga at VictoriaS@ramsaymedia.co.za or Tel. 011 449-1106 to make a booking to have your limited edition Leisure Wheels Customs package fitted. Please note that parts will be ordered and a fitment booking confirmed once a 20% deposit has been received. Balance of the payment to be made after fitment is completed, and before delivery of completed vehicle. Please note all prices include VAT.

What about the warranty boet?

Ah, there’s that million dollar question. Toyota Motors South Africa doesn’t beat about the bush in this department: aftermarket accessories that are not sold through its official dealer network are not factory approved.

As any aftermarket accessory retailer will tell you, getting any product approved by Toyota’s mother ship in Japan is more difficult than making a hyena impersonate Donald Trump, pretending to be a cabaret singer.

Source: LEISURE WHEELS CUSTOMS: Get you some of this! – Leisure Wheels

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