KORR LED Camp Light KitCan a powerful camp-lighting system really be versatile, easy on your batteries and super bright all at the same time?

With so many options of camp lights on the market these days, it comes as no surprise that many buyers can get a little confused about which lights will be best for their needs. When a new camp lighting kit came across our desk that promised versatility, affordability and a huge light output that was not too hard on your batteries, well, we just had to take a closer look. There are four LED light strips set in an alloy housing that allow you to hard-mount the strip (or strips) if required, and each comes with a dimmer/on/off switch. Also supplied are some extension cables that can be plugged between each, which use watertight connectors that screw together.

The extension cables supplied enable you to fix the lights around different sections of your campsite when using it as a portable kit, as well as allowing a DIYer to fix them into a vehicle or camper even if they have limited electrical knowledge. To connect to power, the kit has a cigarette plug fitted to the main power cable, with a battery terminal adaptor supplied for when a cigarette socket isn’t an option.

The lights can take a bit of time to set up if you intend to use them as a portable kit, but if you are staying in the one campsite for a week, you could justify the extra set-up time compared to an old fluoro camp light. The option of being able to dim all or individual light strips is a great option, as this allows you to dim a light in the tent for when the kids go to bed but still have full light outside for the night’s activities. The amount of light output is one of this light’s biggest draw cards, with enough light for most coming from just one strip, easily lighting up the same area the older-style fluoro lights would. What sets this kit apart is the added security of being in a solid housing and its ability to be set up with minimal electrical knowledge. With a total of four strips in the kit, it makes the pricing comparable to other styles of LED strip lights on the market, but with the advantage of being incredibly versatile.

Check out our KORR LED Camping Light Kits below:

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