Drawing heritage from the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters of one of Western Australia’s most renowned coastal environments, the Esperance Rooftop Tent expands ARB’s rooftop tent family.

ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent

ARB’s first ever hard shell tent, the Esperance is a super lightweight, slimline and contemporary looking hard shell rooftop tent. With convenience-centric design in mind, the Esperance is quick and effortless both to set up and to pack down. With features such as an internal telescopic ladder, gas strut assisted opening and only three push-lock ratchet straps, travelling with the Esperance is a breeze.

ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent

Good Things, Small Packages

Weighing just 55 kilograms, the Esperance is our lightest rooftop tent. Boasting a compact design taking up a small footprint on the roof, the Esperance features a slick and lightweight ABS acrylic compound shell, providing an aerodynamic solution to travel accommodation.
The unique shape and finish of the Esperance casing keeps noise levels to a minimum, ensuring happy passengers and greater fuel economy. The 310-millimetre low profile maximises vehicle clearance, keeping your investment safe from low-hanging branches while travelling and allowing access into carparks or other tight spaces when you’re back home.
ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent
A tried and tested material used on ARB canopies, the ABS shell features a padded interior to provide greater insulation when sleeping and reduce condensation on the inside of the tent.
ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent
Continuing the compact, clever design, the Esperance features a lightweight telescopic ladder that can be fully collapsed and is stored within the hard shell pod. The ladder also includes a cover to protect the canvas of the tent itself from dirt that may cause abrasion during transport.

Creature Comforts

Cosy up in comfort with the well-loved features of an ARB rooftop tent. The Esperance boasts a four-centimetre thick, high-density foam mattress topped with a three-layered quilted polyester peach skin.  The Esperance Rooftop Tent is capable of accommodating not just the mattress, but also compact bedding can be housed in the tent while not in use, freeing up much sought-after space in your vehicle, as well as allowing you to get comfortable in bed at your  destination sooner. The tent also features storage pockets on both the left and right-hand sides, handy for small items such as phones and keys.
The Esperance features an accessories pocket, especially designed for those smaller items that don’t usually have a home but you need close at hand like sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent. 
ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent
Back by popular demand, two shoe pockets are also included in the Esperance. With two shoe pockets, you can wear your shoes right to the tent without dragging muddy or sandy footwear into the sleeping space. Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to keep your shoes free of pesky critters that might enter overnight.
Both accessory additions feature waterproof, silver-coated covers to protect any stored items from the weather.  LED light strips included both within the tent itself as well as at the top of the ladder (under the footprint) provide a means for lighting up the night. No matter what time you arrive to your new campsite, these bright little lights allow for a convenient set-up and functionality within the tent. The LED lighting within the tent is built into the rooftop tent poles, which means no wires hanging for you to snag on, and the switch offers on and off as well as a fully dimmable option.  The outside lighting for the Esperance can also be controlled inside the tent for even greater convenience.

Room with a View

Even with the ultra-compact packed size of the Esperance Rooftop Tent, the fully unfurled tent boasts a spacious interior, with open dimensions of 200 cm by 152 cm by 120 cm, which comfortably accommodates two adults. With a maximum internal clearance of 113 cm, the Esperance allows you to comfortably sit up and take in the elevated views of your surrounds through two large side windows and the ARB signature stargazing window.
ARB Esperance Rooftop Tent
Offering more than just fantastic viewing potential, the expansive windows facilitate air flow in the warm months, allowing you to get a good night’s rest at the end of a long day of adventuring. The sides of the windows have gussets fitted that can be zipped up in unfavourable conditions, maintaining ventilation without letting in the weather and also reducing condensation within the tent.
Unlike a ground tent, you can camp with your vehicle, even in smaller campsites, without compromising space and comfort. With the majority of the footprint contained on the roof of your car, there’s minimal space required beyond just that of your vehicle.

A Companion for Life

In addition to offering a convenient and user-friendly experience, one of the greatest strengths of a hard shell tent is its enduring quality. Crafted from ABS acrylic compound, the casing of the Esperance Rooftop Tent allows water to simply glide off and keeps the strong rays of the sun at bay, ensuring your investment is safe from the elements year round. 
For times when you underestimate the clearance of branches, the tough hard shell will keep the Esperance Rooftop Tent safe and prevent any rips to the casing or interior. In the event of a muddy expedition, the hard shell can also be rinsed off totally fuss-free. When in use, both you and your tent are protected from the elements via two durable layers.
Composed of PU3000mm Oxford, with PU+ silver plating and UV50+ protection, the rain cover provides maximum strength against the harsh African elements, to keep everyone cosy and dry. For the main tent, PU2000mm PU+ silver-plated UV50+ poly-cotton canvas ensures longevity and protection.  The complete composition of the Esperance Rooftop Tent makes it a trusty camping companion for years to come.