Where you intend to drive your vehicle will be a major consideration when it comes to selecting the correct bull bar, particularly when it comes to bar design.

If you’re going to be doing a big trip like Namibia or Botswana, there’s probably a reasonable chance that you may have an animal strike so it makes good sense to have the complete protection of a full style bar.  In the ARB range, that includes bars such as the Summit bull bar, Deluxe bull bar, Commercial bull bar and Alloy bull bar.

If you’re just going to be doing coastal driving, where you may only need somewhere to mount a winch and driving lights, then you’d go for a Sahara or Summit Sahara style bar.  These bars offer the strength of ARB’s five-fold upswept and tapered wing design, and can be fitted with or without a polished centre tube. For those who simply want a platform for mounting accessories such as antennas and driving lights, there’s the ARB Nudge bar, which suits a range of compact and medium-sized SUVs, 2WDs and 4WDs.

Of course, the amount of money you want to spend is also a consideration when buying a bull bar, particularly if you’re buying a bar to suit an older vehicle, where a bull bar can be a big investment compared to the actual price of the vehicle. 4×4 Mega world have several different ARB bars depending on what budget a customer has.

Regardless of which bar design you think best suits your vehicle, it’s important that the bar is properly engineered to suit local conditions and that you have access to service and support, no matter where you’re travelling. One of ARB’s major advantages is that the engineers design and develop each bar in-house.

Come and speak to us at 4×4 Mega World when considering your bull bar options.

Courtesy:  ARB International


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