Now this is a cool idea, why waste external space for your fridge in the back of your truck when you can utilise the drawers of your storage unit instead.  You got a drawer, you got a fridge – genius!

That’s right, Engel have released the 30 litre drawer fridge, which can replace a rollout drawer from your storage unit. This has the benefit of keeping weight nice and low in your vehicle, which is always a good thing.

Have you ever had your mind blown by the placement of a very simple everyday item? The Engel Drawer Fridge can do just that. The battle between more cupboard space and useful additions like fridges are a traveller’s nightmare. Bar fridges can take up a hefty amount of space and if you are light on the cold storage, the Engel Drawer Fridge could be exactly what you need. The steel cabinet comes with internal LED light, stainless-steel runners and has auto switching between 12 and 24 volt DC. With a 30-litre capacity you can pack in x35 375ml cans!

We just knew our 4X4 Mega World readers needed to hear about this first !


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