What makes the Cooper Dust Series different?

Adventure is key: Focus is placed on driver skill, navigation, brainwork, teamwork, and overall looking at having fun. There are long distance navigation challenges, night driving, continuous obstacle driving and exciting and different ways to tackle traditional obstacle type events.

Size does not matter: The great philosophy behind the events is to enable all competitors to take part on an even playing field. Bigger engines and bigger wheels won’t necessarily be an advantage. So too a smaller car with a better turning circle will also not dominate in obstacles. There are no handicaps – driving skill counts more.

It’s national: This year, there are five provinces taking part, bringing their own qualifiers to the grand final for one, and only one, to be crowned the champion. There is no other competition in South Africa that covers such a wide area that culminates in a two day finale. In search of the Champion of Champions.

Source: Cooper Tires Dust Series – Cooper Tyres South Africa

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