After years in development 4×4 Mega World & ARB happily present the first rear air locking differential for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2006+ and the Volkswagen Crafter 2006-2017!

Locking differentials are what separate truly capable off-road vehicles from the rest. Deep sand, long sections of wash roads, slick mud & snow are obstacles that make many trails impassible. Adding a rear locker to your vehicle exponentially increases the number of places you and your Sprinter are able to adventure.

The availability date of the ARB Air Lockers is early 2022.  Replaces the factory internals in the rear differential of a 2006+ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van and a 2006-2017 Volkswagen Crafter Van.

As the factory differential has a welded-on ring gear, one of the following new Ring & Pinion set must be used from as this Air Locker was designed around these components:

  • 100-023-01, MB SPR.W906 11×46-ring & pinion ratio 4.181 with 12 pcs bolt
  • 100-179-01, MB SPR.W906 11×48-ring & pinion ratio 4.363 with 12 pcs bolt
  • 100-078-01, MB SPR.W906 11×52-ring & pinion ratio 4.727 with 12 pcs bolt
  • 100-180-01, MB SPR.W906 13×48-ring & pinion ratio 3.692 with 12 pcs bolt
  • 100-082-01, MB SPR.W906 13×51-ring & pinion ratio 3.923 with 12 pcs bolt

Technical Specifications

  • Axle Spline 30 tooth, 039.6mm
  • Ratio Supported  All
  • Ring Gear ID 147.0mm
  • Ring Gear OD 245mm
  • Ring Gear Bolts 12 bolts on 0162.5mm
  • Ring Gear Torque 110Nm
  • Backlash 0.15-0.2mm
  • Bearing Cap Torque 81Nm
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