The Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy

Aluminium vs Fibreglass: Alu-Cab Explorer canopies are manufactured from aluminium which has superior strength to weight ratio, thus it is lighter than most of the popular fibre-glass competing products. This inherent strength allows the Alu-Cab Explorer canopy to carry more load than any other canopies.

Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy
Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy

Due to the large range of accessories that we offer our customers are able to convert their canopies to suit their different needs.  Alu-Cab Canopies are very easy to fit in less than 45 minutes. This fully recyclable metal doesn’t rust, weather or crack.

The Alu-Cab canopies have been designed for ease of use, with 3 doors opening up for easy access to your load-bin. Inside the canopy, the roof cross braces double as tie-down rails, as does internal base frame, so you can attach accessories to the canopy’s interior, sides or roof without any drilling. Or you can use the tie-down rails as lashing points to secure your cargo. This versatility means that it’s entirely possible to use your canopy as a workhorse during the week and an overlanding unit on the weekends and holidays. The best of both worlds!

Technical Features

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