The Alu-Cab Expedition Tent

It’s no surprise that the new Alu-Cab Expedition Tent (Gen3) has become one of the most sought-after overlanding tents on the market. It’s more aerodynamic and lighter than its predecessor, plus it’s about 100 mm wider (at the shoulders) – more spacious too.

The unit’s base and roof are insulated with polyethylene closed-cell foam which offers great comfort and outstanding insulation. Nut-slotted rails on the base of the tent allows for easy installation, while our special mounting track along the tent roof allows for easy fitment of  the Alu-Cab load bars. A robust aluminium outer-casing allow you to mount awnings, jacks & other off-road equipment directly to the tent.

Alu-Cab Expedition Tent GEN3
Alu-Cab Expedition Tent GEN3

Best of all, this is a tent which opens and closes in seconds, with one simple action, and you can access it from three sides. What’s more, its capacious design allows you to leave your bedding when you close up. When designing gear for overland use, we aim to build products which are robust, functional, adaptable and easy-to-use. The Gen3 scores four out of four!

It’s sleeker, more aerodynamic, giving the tent not only a better look but less wind drag.  The Gen 3 is lighter than its predecessor.  It’s also wider insider by 100 mm at the shoulders.  It has a strong aluminum outer casing and base which gives far less chance of possible cracking and can be utilized to mount awnings, jacks & other off-road equipment.

The base and the roof of the tent is insulated with polyethylene closed cell foam that not only adds comfort but better insulation too.  The tent opens and closes in seconds, with bedding remaining in place.  There are nut slotted rails at the base of the tent that allow for easy installation, while our special mounting track along the tent roof allows for easy fitment of our Alu-Cab load bars.

Important Features

New sleek design:  Our tent is 3D CAD designed to ensure consistency and quality.  Manufactured from aluminium.  Fabric used is 400 gram UV-resistant.  Rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams.  Weight: 80 kg.  Length: 2300 mm (external) 2100 mm (Internal).  Width:  1400 mm (External) 1300 mm (Internal).  Height:  210 mm (Front) 250 mm (Rear).  Open Inside Height: 1450 mm.  Mattress: 75 mm high density foam mattress with zip-off cover.  Insulated with polyethylene closed cell foam, adding better insulation and comfort.  The tent can be accessed from both sides as well as the rear and all entry doors/windows are fitted with high quality mosquito netting.

Optional Extras

Electric kit:  Stalk Lights, USB charge Point, Cigarette Point, Power Lead.  Internal storage bags for smalls like books and shoes.  Load bars for loading onto the roof (max:  50kg).  Warranty:  3 -year structural and 1-year on all working parts (from date of invoice, T&C’s apply).

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