Newly appointed Dealer in Zimbabwe, Big Sky Supplies, has been assisting self-drive visitors to the country, for years.

During the roadblock-era that ended with the military intervention in November, 2017, motorists were informed by Big Sky’s useful publication “Travel Advice For Motorists Visiting Zim”.

The publication covers border information, the most relevant traffic regulations, and useful contact information. A recently updated version is available as a free download from

4×4 Mega World Club members will be pleased to know Big Sky carries an extensive range of recovery equipment, camping equipment, and automotive accessories, including Old Man Emu suspension components. The store is located in Harare, and delivers overnight throughout Zimbabwe.

Contact details for store manager Sean Quinlan, can be found at

Sean recommends visitors also prepare for their trip to Zim by looking at Facebook group DearZRP and recently created DriveZim. Both pages are full of resources that visitors will benefit from. Says Sean “If club members are thinking about touring Zim, we say “Go for it!”. The good news for visitors and the local tourism industry, is Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has adopted a tourist-friendly attitude since November, 2017.

There are far fewer roadblocks, and the attitude has substantially improved. Nevertheless, if any club member has a problem at a roadblock or even in the bush, they’re welcome to call me for assistance”.

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