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2021 D-MAX gets the ARB treatment

Isuzu DMax ARB Commercial Bar

Isuzu recently launched the highly anticipated new D-MAX to market, receiving praise for its transformation from no-frills to one of the most advanced utes in its class with features including larger cabin space and a five star safety rating. To complement the vehicle’s attributes, ARB has developed a range of 4×4 accessories for those wanting to take it to the next level.

Mischke Bosse – A Year on the Road

Mischke Bosse - A Year on the Road

Mischke Bosse is the quintessential wanderer- a photographer, blogger, digital nomad and free-spirited road tripper on a year-long adventure to explore Southern Africa. Traveling in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ, she shares her life on and off the road, the places she visits and the people she meets along the way.

9 Tips for building your dream overlanding vehicle

9 Tips for building your dream Overlanding vehicle

Equipping a standard vehicle for overland travel is as much a case of personal preference as function. An Overlanding pickup or SUV is not just a vehicle, its an all-weather, offroader, off-grid tiny house on wheels ready for adventure.

Eastern Cape Heritage Adventure

We are truly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Spoilt for choice when it comes to getaways. To me the Eastern Cape has always been one of the best tourist destinations but when you mention Eastern Cape, people immediately think of the Wild Coast and its beautiful beaches. There is however more than meets the eye to the Eastern Cape.

Winches – Unsung heroes of overlanding


Winches are, without a doubt one of the unsung heroes of the Overlanding/off-roading community. These compact powerhouses patiently ‘ride-along’ for thousands of kilometres until they are called upon to recover a stranded vehicle from a dire situation. Winches have saved many an Overlander by purely applying brute force to pull a stuck/bogged vehicle or vehicles free from the grips of mother nature.

Overlanding and vehicle battery management systems

Power and battery management systems are an important part of overlanding because they make up your mobile power supply. If you are powering electronics such as GPS units, phones, tablets, light bars, refrigerators, inverters, radios and/or air compressors, it is crucial to be cognizant of the impact all of this can have on your battery.

Technology and off-roading

It is only logical that technology would find its way into the macho world of off-roading. The brand that everyone likes to mock, was for a long time, the leaders when it came to innovation on four-wheel drive vehicles. Land Rover were the first to introduce Traction Control (TRC) and Hill Decent Control (HDC) in the Freelander back in 1998.